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Est. 2012

About us

Let’s Freedive is an organization to teaches, train, and develop freediving activities in terms of introduction, education, competition, or fun. Freediving needs discipline and high commitment to always dive safely, for ourselves and for the environment.

Here in Let’s Freedive, we always have the passion to spread the virus of freediving. We hope one-day people can enjoy the beauty of our ocean in a simple and safe way. We also have the passion to learn together with the people how to keep and treat our environment properly. The environment today is what we owe to the next generations. Let’s keep our ocean clean, safe, and beautiful.

Schedule For Freediving Course & Training

Freediving Courses

AIDA 2 – Beginner

The course builds a foundation of good technique and safety so that you can buddy with other AIDA 2-Star freedivers.

AIDA 3 – Advance

Interested in going deeper and improving your technique? If you want to improve your skillset & identity as Freediver, this AIDA 3-Star course is for you!

AIDA 4 – Master

Are you Master enough to go deeper? Test yourself in this AIDA 4-Star course! The course helps you to experience depths of more than 30 meters. Moreover, this also helps to improve your freediving performance for a specific discipline.

Contact Us
Instagram: Letsfreedve_indonesia

AIDA Instructor Trainer: Jason Hakim
+62 812 9469 7969
AIDA Instructor: Arif Junus
+62 818 130 515
AIDA Master: Benny Refalita
+62 811 101 7547

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