Author: Let'sfreedive

February 2020 Open Water Session

Open Water Session AIDA 3-4 at Pramuka Island February 2020

Congratulation for you guys who completing AIDA 3 and 4 star exma, keep continue practice and never ever dive alone.

May 2019 Open Water Session


Ramadhan open water, we have 3 student AIDA star 2 Elmor Benedict Wagiu, Putu Harum Bawa and Aditya Herdiyan Pratama who passed the exam and also Ismail Ihsan who passed AIDA Star 3 Exam, congratulation to all of you guys,  keep training and never ever freedive alone

April 2nd Open Water Session


Today we have 2 AIDA star 2 Wahyudi Utomo and Absentinus Sembiring from Jayapura and one AIDA Star 2 Justinus Hotmatua from Jakarta, good weather but like always the visibility isn’t good but its doesn’t matter.

well done guys.. congratulation, keep training and never ever Freedive alone.