2nd Open Water May 2017 Freedive Class Achievement

There was no sunshine just wind blow pretty hard but the sea is very calm, congratulation for Adith and Frans who passed AIDA Star 2 Freediver exam on 28 May 2017, remember to keep training to make perfect your technique and never dive alone… cheers

May 2017 Course Achievement

The weather was very sunny and the sea was very friendly at the time, this month freedive class followed by 8 student, one of them is AIDA Star 3 student and the remaining is AIDA Star 2 student, 5 of 7 AIDA Star 2 students is successfully graduated by completing the entire exam “congratulation” to you…

April 2017 Course Achievement

Four out of seven student AIDA Star 2 passed the exam, three of them have problem with equalization but they still have a strong will to keep trying until the dusk comes, it’s same like the other day at Pramuka Island visibility is very bad, only about 5 meters and get better in next day it’s…

March 2017 Course Achievement

  Let’s Freedive open water session on 25 March 2017 at Pramuka Island, the examp is followed by 4 student  Aida star 4 and  Aida star 2, Congratulation for Anton, Nopan and Budi for passing the exam..

Apnea Freaks On BINUSTV Gado-Gado and Zoom In

Apnea Freak is a community that contains a graduate student from Let’s Freedive GADO-GADO is a program that’s really suitable for us as the young community because it contains information that are up to date about the young life. GADO-GADO also invites artists, singers, and group bands to join GADO-GADO as guest stars. By watching…

Let’s Freedive on weekend list NET.TV

Interview and coverage about freedive with Net.TV,  publish on 25 February 2017, curious?? klik the picture above or link below for HD video Weekend List – Free Dive Lessons

FREEDIVE CLASS March – June 2017

Freedive class is open, please following link below for looking available date for your course. March 2017      April 2017  May 2017    June 2017   Or contact us immediately for reservation date

February 2017 Course Achievement

5 student of Aida 2 star freediver passed the course by touching 16M with good technique, although bad weather and water visibility, they can do it… well done.

Indonesian Freediver have made National Record Freediving in 2013

On March 2013 7Seas Pool Master in Kuala Lumpur STA   4:39    National Record by Jason Hakim DYN 108 M National Record by Jason Hakim DNF    82 M National Record by Jason Hakim On October 2013 Onebreath Jambore in Indonesia (Bali – Tulamben) FIM 42 M National Record by Stanley Sradaputta FIM 30…

First Class of AIDA 2 Course

Hello Freedivers, Our first class will be conducted within this week: 30 January 2013 and 2 February 2013 Open water examination will be conducted on 16-17 February 2013 For you who want to enroll for the new class, just contact Jason Hakim at 0812-94-697969 to make your appointment. You may choose your schedule at your…