May 2019 2nd Open Water Session

Congratulation for Natalia Lesmana (red hat girl) who passed AIDA Star 3 exam, for Ismail (Brown T-Shirt) keep training until you can passed AIDA star 4 requirement and Thomas Djaw never give up finish your AIDA Star 3 Freedive. Advertisements

May 2019 Open Water Session

Ramadhan open water, we have 3 student AIDA star 2 Elmor Benedict Wagiu, Putu Harum Bawa and Aditya Herdiyan Pratama who passed the exam and also Ismail Ihsan who passed AIDA Star 3 Exam, congratulation to all of you guys,  keep training and never ever freedive alone

April 2019 3rd Open Water Session

Surprisingly, we have three of AIDA 4 have complete the exam and also one AIDA 2 student have complete the exam on May Open Water Session, congrats everyone keep practicing and NEVER FREEDIVE ALONE

April 2nd Open Water Session

Today we have 2 AIDA star 2 Wahyudi Utomo and Absentinus Sembiring from Jayapura and one AIDA Star 2 Justinus Hotmatua from Jakarta, good weather but like always the visibility isn’t good but its doesn’t matter. well done guys.. congratulation, keep training and never ever Freedive alone.

April 2019 Open Water Session

After 3 month vacuum we finally do the first open water in 2019, we have two AIDA 4, one AIDA 3 and AIDA 2 student has successfully passed the exam, congratulation guys keep training and NEVER EVER FREEDIVE ALONE

December 2018 Open Water Session

End of the years of open water session only give us one of student passing the exam, for those who have not successfully graduated keep training and NEVER EVER FREEDIVE ALONE.

October 2018 Open Water Session

Beautiful weather deliver heat and make a lots of craziness, congratulation for four AIDA 2 student who has succeeded passed the exam, keep training and NEVER EVER FREEDIVE ALONE.

September 2018 2nd Open Water Session

The magnificent weather at that time did not guarantee good visibility under the waters, we only had 10 m visibility, yet that did not hold us back in having some fun. 2 Aida 2 star students and 1 Aida 4 star student completed their open water sessions. This time around Ita successfully completed all tests…

September 2018 Openwater Session

In this open water session, 3 Aida 2 star students was accompanied by freedive training buddies, 2 out of the 3 students Chandra and Nanda completed all exam successfully, and Nathalie (second from right) have yet to manage her equalisation technique. Don’t give up, keep your spirits high, keep training, and never dive alone.

July 2018 2nd Open Water Session

Equalizing, is the fundamental of freediving. Here comes the second open water in this month, we had 2 participants from aida 3, and 2 participants for aida 2, but sadly two of them did not manage to get to another level, but do not give up, for we should flush the sadness away, and start…