January 2018 Open Water Session

A beautiful beginning for 2018 with 4 new AIDA 2 Star student’s success in their exams. Congratulations to all of you that have succeeded, and may you all continue your learning process forward. To all other students, keep training and never dive alone.

December 2017 Open Water Session

On this last open water session for 2017, we scheduled some depth training with only one AIDA 2 Star student. As usual we do not expect much from the visibility of the waters around Pramuka Island, but we still practiced diligently.

November 2017 Open Water Session

This November Open Water session we had less than friendly weather, but alas that did not stop our AIDA 2 Star students from finishing their exams. Congratulations to everyone who passed their exams, and to those who still have to complete their exams.. keep practicing and never dive alone.

October 2017 Open Water

We have 3 open water sessions left this end of the year and usually during these months the weather and water visibility are not ideal; but it turns out our predictions were wrong! During this October Open Water Session, we were blessed with pristine weather and 15 meters visibility. In this session we had 8…

September 2017 Open Water

Not as we expected the weather is extremely clear it’s quit make us happy but the clear weather coming with strong wind and make water visibility  about 5 meter only and 2,5 meter wave accompanying us on the way to Air Island ( our dive spot ) even thought we get less favorable weather all…

August 2017 Open Water Session

That day weather is very clear and the visibility start to getting better, we are very gratefully even just only can see 10 meters bottom plate, and also we have a companion join from Selam Bebas Indonesia with the AIDA & PADI Freedive Instructor Anton Hartono who coming with his student to doing an AIDA…

June 2017 Open Water Session

The weather was very bright this time however the visibility was still very bad, This time there are three students aida 2 who take the test and deeply pity only one person who successfully graduated the rest are freedivers who are doing exercises to improve the technique, congratulation Adrian ( with red cap ) for having…

2nd Open Water May 2017 Freedive Class Achievement

There was no sunshine just wind blow pretty hard but the sea is very calm, congratulation for Adith and Frans who passed AIDA Star 2 Freediver exam on 28 May 2017, remember to keep training to make perfect your technique and never dive alone… cheers

May 2017 Course Achievement

The weather was very sunny and the sea was very friendly at the time, this month freedive class followed by 8 student, one of them is AIDA Star 3 student and the remaining is AIDA Star 2 student, 5 of 7 AIDA Star 2 students is successfully graduated by completing the entire exam “congratulation” to you…

April 2017 Course Achievement

Four out of seven student AIDA Star 2 passed the exam, three of them have problem with equalization but they still have a strong will to keep trying until the dusk comes, it’s same like the other day at Pramuka Island visibility is very bad, only about 5 meters and get better in next day it’s…

March 2017 Course Achievement

  Let’s Freedive open water session on 25 March 2017 at Pramuka Island, the examp is followed by 4 student  Aida star 4 and  Aida star 2, Congratulation for Anton, Nopan and Budi for passing the exam..