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letsfreedive diving freedive freediving school education

Turn Your Passion
A Life-Long Fulfilling

Do you want to have a more fulfilling job? A job that feels like vacation & has more purpose in your Life.

Do You Have The Passion To Share Your Exciting Knowledge Of Freedive Unto Others? A knowledge that brings more understanding about oneself and the amazing underwater world.

If so, you have to start your journey in this AIDA Instructor Corse (IC) & become AIDA Freediving Instructor.

In AIDA IC, you will learn about:
– Leadership skill
– Time management (to effectively run the AIDA courses)
– Teaching and coaching skills (in the classroom and in the water)
– Safety and rescue assessment
– Marketing and business development
– And of course, a lot of time in the water!

It will be intensive and requires a lot of hard work and commitment from you. But hey! We promise you it will be fun and worth it!

letsfreedive diving freedive freediving school education

To enter this course, you will be required to:

1. Have passed AIDA 4 course (or any equivalent course and pass the crossover requirements – fees are not included in the IC price)
2. Have a valid CPR and/or first aid (EFR) certification
3. Healthy and fit physically and mentally
4. Fill out all the medical statement
5. Bring yourself and your sunshine smiles!

AIDA Freediving Instructor Course Exam Requirements

To complete the AIDA freediving instructor course you will have to successfully perform:

– Pass the presentation requirements, including the special presentation.
– Pass all the written exams (minimum requirement: 75%).

– Able to prepare the required equipment and lead the warm-up session.
– Static Apnea 4 Mins.
– DYN Bi-Fins 90 Meters.
– DNF 50 Meters.
– Proper Rescue for STA & DYN

Open Water:
– Able to prepare the dive plan and the required equipment.
– Able to lead the warm-up session.
– Long FIM dive to 30 meters with a minimum dive time of 2 minutes.
– Long CWT bi-fins dive to 30 meters with a minimum dive time of 1 minute 45.
– Deep BO rescue from 25 meters after a 30-second hang at 25 meters, followed by a 50-meter towing at the surface.
– 5 dives to 20 meters with a 1-minute surface interval.
– CNF 20 meters.
– FIM 38 meters.
– CWT 40 meters.

Yes, all of it seems hard & challenging. But, we will learn to do it together and support you to achieve it smoothly.

AIDA Freediving Instructor Course Fee

The fee for AIDA 4 course is IDR 23.000.000.
*This price is only applicable to Indonesian citizens. For foreigners, there will be an additional charge of IDR 500,000.

– 1-year AIDA teaching license.
– 4 days of classroom sessions.
– 2x pool sessions.
– 1x Open Water Session to the Pramuka Island.
– 1x Open Water Session to the Pramuka Island.

Exclude :
– Pool Entry Tickets
– Basic gears rent (fins, mask) Open Water Exam (available for rent IDR 100,000/pax/day)
– Insurance
– Personal expenses
– Personal medicines

Important Note:
– The maximum course duration is only 1 year from the date of the first session. If it exceeds 1 year, all course sessions will no longer be valid, and any fees paid will be considered forfeited. The course must then be restarted from the beginning at the current & updated price.

How To Start The Freediving Course?

You can contact our Instructor for additional information regarding the course:
1. Jason Hakim (AIDA Instructor Trainer): +62 812 9469 7969
2. Arif Junus (AIDA Instructor): +62 818 130 515

To start and book your course, please register in this registration form:

Let’s Turn Our Passion Into More Purposeful Life As AIDA Freediving Instructor!

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