Let’s Freedive is an organization to teach, train, and develop freediving activities in terms of introduction, education, competition, or funs. Freediving needs discipline and high commitment to always dive safely, for ourselves and for the environment.

Here in Let’s Freedive we always have the passion to spread the virus of freediving. We hope one day people can enjoy the beauty of our ocean in a simple and safe way. We also have the passion to learn together with the people on how to keep and to treat our environment properly. The environment today is what we owe to the next generations. Let’s keep our ocean clean, safe, and beautiful.

What We Do
We will teach you how to enjoy the ocean in one breath safely and comfortable to help you stay longer underwater.

Who We Are
We have a qualified Instructor who has dives to more than 40 metres underwater, can hold breath for almost 5 minutes, and can swim underwater for more than 100 metres. Our Instructor is AIDA (Association International Development of Apnea) certified. Jason Hakim, or we call him JJ, has strong passion and dedication for freediving activities, especially to develop freediving in Indonesia. He felt in love with freediving on the first sight of William Trubridge’s video on Youtube. That’s the moment he found what’s inside him. He started to freedive on early of 2011 by participating in AIDA ** course. He then flew to Phuket, Thailand to participate in the higher level of the course and became a Freedive Master and Assistant Instructor. That’s just not enough for him, one year later, he flew further to Phillipines to participate in the Instructor Course. This was when he fullfiled what he dreamed before, the FIRST Indonesian AIDA Instructor. He went back to Indonesia after the course with one strong commitment to teach and to improve the Indonesian freedives and together bring Indonesia name to the world as one of the country known for the freediving.

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