September 2018 2nd Open Water Session

The magnificent weather at that time did not guarantee good visibility under the waters, we only had 10 m visibility, yet that did not hold us back in having some fun. 2 Aida 2 star students and 1 Aida 4 star student completed their open water sessions. This time around Ita successfully completed all tests…

September 2018 Openwater Session

In this open water session, 3 Aida 2 star students was accompanied by freedive training buddies, 2 out of the 3 students Chandra and Nanda completed all exam successfully, and Nathalie (second from right) have yet to manage her equalisation technique. Don’t give up, keep your spirits high, keep training, and never dive alone.

July 2018 2nd Open Water Session

Equalizing, is the fundamental of freediving. Here comes the second open water in this month, we had 2 participants from aida 3, and 2 participants for aida 2, but sadly two of them did not manage to get to another level, but do not give up, for we should flush the sadness away, and start…

July 2018 First Open Water Session

As the sun is shining bright above our head,so do the joy in our heart. We are blessed to have a fairly fine visibility ,it is 15 meters down! Also this time, we have a couple of international friend, one of them managed to earn aida 2, congratulation! Keep practicing and Never dive alone!

June 2018 Open Water Session

In spite of poor visibility , Two students from aida 2 and so advance students and the crew are still enjoying the open water session. Bad weather does not stop us to still have fun! Congratulation to those who successfully get to the next level, practice more! No pain no gain, and remember to NEVER…

May 2018 Open Water Session

Unlike the previous open water session, this time at sea we were greeted by high waves and quite heavy current. But that didn’t break the students’ enthusiasme: 6 Aida 2 students and 1 Aida 3 student have finished their courses. Congratulations to all passing students. To all others, keep practicing and never dive alone.

April 2018 Open Water Session

During this open water session we were blessed with clear skies and 25 meters visibility, with a total of 16 students consisting of 5 Aida 2 students, 3 Aida 3 students, 2 Aida 4 students and others in training sessions. Congratulations to all passing students that have graduated this open water session, keep training and…

January 2018 Open Water Session

A beautiful beginning for 2018 with 4 new AIDA 2 Star student’s success in their exams. Congratulations to all of you that have succeeded, and may you all continue your learning process forward. To all other students, keep training and never dive alone.

December 2017 Open Water Session

On this last open water session for 2017, we scheduled some depth training with only one AIDA 2 Star student. As usual we do not expect much from the visibility of the waters around Pramuka Island, but we still practiced diligently.