The Pioneer Of Freediving Course And Freedive Education Center – Est. 2012

About Us

Let’s Freedive is the pioneer of freediving courses & education center in Indonesia.

We are passionate to teach, train, & build a strong foundation of freediving so every student & member can enjoy the beauty of underwater safely & comfortably.

We help our students & members build their freediving skills for competition, education, introduction, or diving vacation.

We match our training methods to the student’s baseline knowledge, skills, physiology, & psychology.

This helps us to find the best way for the student to achieve progression.

Schedule For Freediving Course & Training

AIDA Freediving Courses

AIDA 2 – Beginner

This is the starting point of your freediving journey. You will learn to build a solid technique & safety foundation in this course.

This basic course is the first & most important brick you need to pave your way into the amazing underwater world.

AIDA 3 – Advance

Interested in going deeper and improving your technique?

If you want to improve your skillset & identity as Freediver, this AIDA 3-Star course is for you!

AIDA 4 – Master

Are you Master enough to go deeper?

Test yourself in this AIDA 4-Star course! The course helps you to experience depths of more than 30 meters.

Moreover, this also helps to improve your freediving performance for a specific discipline.

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