Welcoming the FIRST Indonesian Freedive AIDA Instructor

Let’s Freedive is so proud to introduce the FIRST Indonesian Freedive AIDA Instructor. Jason Hakim, or we usually call him JJ, has accomplished the Instructor Course in Cebu, Phillipines. He was so proud to participated in this course and learned directly from one of the best Instructor Trainer in the world, Jean-Pol Francois, who is well-known for his strong passion and high dedication for freediving and AIDA education.

JJ is now preparing the course materials, equipments, publications, and everything needed to make sure the courses he is going to conduct will run safe and comfortable for all of his students. He made strong commitment to give only the best for his students education in freediving.

He will start conducting the FIRST AIDA** class on February 2013. Stay tuned on our next publication for the schedule and be the first to enroll in the class!

Never ever freedive alone!

Cheers 🙂

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