What Is Freediving

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Dive Deep Within
Your Inner Universe

Have you tried to hold your breath underwater before? Maybe, while swimming or snorkeling.

Technically, whenever you hold your breath underwater, even at the surface level of the water, you are freediving.

As simple as that.

But, let’s make it a little bit more profound and deep about freediving.

Methodically, freediving is an activity in which you take one deep breath at the surface, then hold it while you descend underwater until you go back to the surface and breath again.

In some countries like Spain or French, freediving is called “Apnea” which means “Without Breathing. This “Apnea” terminology is different than the medical terminology.

Human beings already doing freediving since babies and water has been a major part of our life.

Even there is a part of our brain which can activate a “Mammalian Dive Reflex” whenever we are underwater or freediving. (We will talk more about this reflex in the freediving course).

So, learning freediving is actually a “remembering” of our natural & forgotten abilities.

From freediving, you can do a lot of sports & activities such as Spearfishing, Underwater Hockey, Deep Diving, or Recreational Fun Diving.

However, freediving is not just about physical activities.

Freediving is also a way to dive deep within our Un-Explore Self, our Inner Universe.

In every level of freediving courses, you will experience something within. Something that you haven’t realized yet until you took the freediving course.

Freediving is a great way to experience:
– Freedom.
– Deep Relaxation.
– Underwater Exploration With Minimum Barrier.
– Overcome Fears.
– Deeper Self-Understanding.

For us, this is the true definition of Freediving, a great journey within. For some freedivers, Freediving is another method of Meditation or Personal Life Quest.

Moreover, in every freediving journey, none is alone because freediving always happens in groups, with a minimum of two people.

Along the way, you also will find that freediving is also a great way to gain more connection to other people, especially your “Buddy” in freediving.

Well, we can talk a lot more about freediving and describe it to you with more complicated and imaginative words.

But, let’s learn more about “What Is Freediving” through Direct Experience with us in our AIDA Freediving Courses.

Until then, please have a look at our Blog or Instagram Account for more information. See you at the diving session!