Freediving Benefits For Your Body & Mind

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As divers explore the depths of the ocean, they also explore the depths of themselves

Freediving is an amazing activity that offers numerous physical and mental benefits.

Many find freediving addictive because of the benefits.

But, many also judge freediving as only another sort of way to escape reality.

Well, let’s slice the onion and learn the true benefits of freediving.

letsfreedive diving freedive freediving school education

Freediving develops human physical capabilities beyond what has been taught in medical communities.

Many health experts astound by the achievement of the freedivers who break new world records almost every year.

Let’s talk about the physical benefits first.

Learning freediving skills is learning how your body works in a more profound way.

In One Big Breath, you will understand how your heart, lung, and whole body muscles interconnect with each other.

When you are holding your breath and doing any freediving disciplines (Static Apnea, DYN, CWT, etc), you are actually teaching your body to use oxygen & energy more efficiently.

This will greatly improve:

  • Cardiovascular health & fitness.
  • Body tolerance to high CO2 & low O2.
  • Body adaptation to high lactic acid & muscle fatigue.
  • Body metabolism on daily basis.

Moreover, training freediving regularly will also improve:

  • Muscle flexibility & joint movement.
  • Body balance & coordination.
  • The speed of the body’s recovery process.

Some freedivers also experience an increase in their immunity system and hormonal balance.

Freediving also provides low-impact movement which is great for people who suffer joint pain because of Osteoarthritis or Obesity.

Mentally, freediving provides tremendous and awesome benefits.

Some freedivers even use freediving as their own form of Meditation.

Freediving can help reduce stress and anxiety, as the calming environment of the underwater world can have a relaxing effect on the mind.

Freediving also requires focus and concentration, which can help sharpen mental abilities.

This also helps to improve self-awareness and self-confidence, as well as a sense of accomplishment, as divers challenge themselves to go further and deeper each time.

All of that can be gained because freediving requires an intimate understanding of one’s body and the environment around them.

As divers explore the depths of the ocean, they can also appreciate the beauty of the underwater world and gain a sense of peace and serenity.

All of these benefits make freediving an excellent activity to engage in for both physical and mental health.

Freediving provides a great form of exercise for those who don’t enjoy traditional forms of exercise.

Freediving can be an incredibly immersive experience, allowing divers to become one with the aquatic world, and providing a sense of freedom and joy.

So, what benefits do you have experience in freediving?

See you at the next article and the training session!