3 Important Steps To Mastery In Freediving

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The Path Between Knowledge And Mastery Is Practice

Freediving is a sequence of skills.

That means it has to be learned one skill at a time, step by step.

Whatever the discipline or technique you need to learn right now, there are 3 main steps you need to remember.

These steps will help you considerably progress and master any freediving disciplines and techniques.

letsfreedive freedive freediving course training school

Imagine climbing a ladder where each step is a skill that must be mastered before moving up to the next step.

This is what learning freediving looks like.

  1. Focus on Mastering One Technique First.

Pick one first before trying to master another.

For example, for beginners, it is very recommended to focus on mastering equalization first.

Especially for beginners, you can try to learn duck dive, finning, or DYN, but focus on MASTERING the equalization first.

Our body works so amazingly if our mind, feelings, and energy are spent on one direct focus goal, such as a laser-like focus.

This will help you achieve a goal much faster than trying to master a lot of things simultaneously.

Ask your instructor what sort of skills you need to Master and which is more prioritized than others.

Then, start mastering the most important first before going to the next.

  1. Divide The Technique Into Several Steps.

For example in Equalization, you can divide it into:

  • Learning Dry Equalization Exercise to get your awareness of the equalization muscles.
  • Practice several times FIM with heads upward.
  • Practice CWT with diagonal descent.
  • Practice FIM with proper body position
  • Practice CWT with proper body posture and technique.

Practice each step sequentially and try to reach each depth gradually.

This principle also applies to other techniques such as Duck Dive, Finning, Dynamic No Fin, etc.

Discuss the steps with your instructor and ask them the benchmark you should look at before going to the next step.

  1. Always ready to modify anything according to your needs and individuality.

Always has this expectation in training, “One Size Doesn’t Fit All”.

This means you will have to adjust any little bit details in the training that suit you.

Everyone has their own unique anatomy, physiology, and psychology.

Moreover, everyone has their own preference and way of learning.

Don’t force a method that suits best other divers into your training regimen.

You can copy but you have always ready to adjust.

Our instructors and masters also have their own way and methods to learn any disciplines and techniques.

Yes, we have to have the foundation knowledge, but in practice, you may find that you have to tweak it a little bit to your uniqueness.

Please don’t hesitate to ask your instructor about any training regimens or strategies that you need to achieve any freediving goals.

Okay then, let’s learn more about this at the training session.

See you and stay AWESOME!