What Does It Take To Be An Awesome Freediver?

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Becoming an awesome freediver is not about becoming a super elite freediver athlete.

Freediving is an exciting and thrilling sport that has been gaining popularity around the world.

Freediving is a great way to improve your fitness, and it’s something you can do with your family or friends.

It’s also a survival activity that has been around the world for thousands of years!

Starting a freediving course and becoming a fully licensed freediver is a small step to a giant world adventure.

You can enjoy the deep-sea adventure of diving to extraordinary depths and marvel at the natural beauty of the deep.

You can discover a whole new world and experience freedom like no other.

But, what does it take to be an awesome freediver? Not just a freediver, but the awesome one!

Read on to find out more.

Becoming an awesome freediver is not about becoming a super elite freediver athlete.

An awesome freediver is something more profound than that.

An awesome freediver is one who has the mental fortitude to push any challenge in order to expand the understanding of his/her own physical and mental capabilities.

An awesome freediver is not about achieving personal best or records, but about pushing through any necessary process, no matter how hard it is.

It takes a great deal of dedication, determination, and an ironclad will.

All of these three are the key, but the Main Engine only one which is Consistency.

Consistency is the one that keeps a freediver to keep pushing through the day.

We know that not every day is a good day. Sometimes your performance goes low than usual. Sometimes you had a bad experience that makes you feel demotivated to train.

We all have gone through that situation, and still will be facing it in the future.

But, Consistency in the process, makes us Have To Train, Practice, And Deal with whatever burden or bad mood, because in freediving we found much more about ourselves.

When we are underwater and doing the training, we found:

  • what are we made of
  • what are we fear the most
  • what are our excuses
  • what are the most important things in our life

That’s why Consistency is the main important thing.

A strong core, a powerful set of lungs, an unbridled passion for the sport, a fearless attitude, an elite level of physical endurance, and many times record holder are nothing without Consistency.

One person can achieve so much at the beginning, but without Consistency, there will be another person who achieves something more. That other person is the one who is more consistent.

Finally, Consistency is the one that separates freedivers who just want hype and who want to achieve something more profound in his/her Life.

Consistency in freediving training will show you something more beneficial for your freediving journey and every other aspect of your Life.

Consistency is what makes freediving possible. It is what makes us able to achieve our goals.

Let’s start our step and consistently push together through every necessary process in our freediving journey.